Series 17 Integrated Circuit Engineering Collection LITIGATION 

  People Involved in the Motorola vs Fairchild Trade Secret Case:

  1. Glen Madland: President and founder of ICE
  2. Gene Blanchette: Fairchild’s manager of integrated circuit operations
  3. Nelson Stone: VP at Fairchild
  4. Howard Dicken: VP operations at ICE
  5. Roger Borovoy: Patent council for Fairchild
  6. Jack Brown: Attorney (Fairchild)
  7. Forman Mueller: Attorney (Motorola)
  8. Lester Hogan: President of Fairchild
  9. Bob Galvin: Chair (Motorola)
  10. William Farrow: VP & Treasurer (ICE)
  11. Harold Bell: Staff engineer (ICE)
  12. W.D. Roehr: Manager, Device Characterization

The Trade Secret Case inventory list

National Museum of American History

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