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In general, the priority of the technologies to be outlined is established by the Project Director, usually at the beginning of the fiscal year. The prioritization reflects the SOCRATES management's criteria of addressing the technologies which satisfy the largest number of SOCRATES consumers.



Changes in technology priority can be approved only by the Project Director, or, in his absence, the LABTOE manager. In any event, any changes must be carefully assessed as to how best to fit them into existing outlining schedule before initiating any changes to the existing technology priority schedule.

Any changes in the description or definition of a technology can be accomplished under the LABTOE program. This Guide offers instructions to aid the TOS or LABTOE manager in deciding how to break a technology area into a SOCRATES technology, in addition to the specific guidelines on creating the outline itself.

When engaging in the redescription [sic] of a technology the TOS must consult with the LABTOE manager to be certain that the breakdown is an accurate portrayal of the technology segments. At this point the newly defined technology must be entered into the index of SOCRATES technologies for cataloging.

On occasion, it may become necessary to amend a technical outline while doing the technical assessment. If a change is needed, note the changes necessary on a spare copy of the existing technical outlines. Send this to the LABTOE manager for review and validation. An updated outline with the changes (assuming they were correct or germane) will be forwarded shortly. In the meantime, continue assessment of the remaining areas on the assessment forms.

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