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The following Section documents the procedures that will be followed in the Laboratory Technology Outlining Effort. Since the Technical Outline forms the basis for all subsequent assessment work, it is vital that the procedures be adhered to carefully.

Outlininq: The outlining of the technologies is not difficult if a few basis [sic] steps are followed prior to beginning an interview with the technical experts. Most important is to obtain a general understanding of the technology area itself. This will help guide the interview and allow the TOS to maintain control of the session. Further, having a smattering of background on the subject area improves the credibility of the TOS immensely which makes the interview process more effective.

Basically, the technology outlining process falls into three phases. They are:

The preperation [sic] phase--both the TOS and the technical experts should review the subject matter to be covered. This will help both sides to understand the complexity of the subject. The technical experts should be provided with a written overview of the outlining process and the SOCRATES Project. This will give the technical experts an idea of how they are expected to contribute.

Getting acquainted--Realistically, the TOS should be prepared to find that the technical experts have made little effort to prepare for the interview by reading the overviews provided on SOCRATES and technology outlining. Thus, a brief introduction may be needed to provide the technical experts with the flavor of the Program--and what is expected of them.

Creating the outline--Typically, it will take several minutes for the technical experts to get the feel of what they are doing and how they best can contribute. This is where the background knowledge of the technology can be of use to keep the interview focused until the technical experts fall into line. The more technical experts you have at one interview the more important the ability to lead the discussion is.

Experience shows that making a rough outline at the interview and making a clean version later is the most effective approach. Rarely will the session go so smoothly that a logical flow without digression, false starts, and backing up won't occur. The technical experts will pour out a lot of details. Sometimes, all that can be done is to get the notes down.

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