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Outline review: The review process has several steps. The first review is to send the technical experts a cleaned up version of their technology outline. This will allow the technical experts to review it on paper, alone, and see if the material recorded is accurate in their minds. Following the review by the originating technical experts, the LABTOE manager applies the SOCRATES acceptance test (appendix A) to the outline. Once the outline has passed the acceptance test it is sent to a second group of technical experts from another Federal laboratory for their review. Following the review by the two groups of Federal experts the technology outline is then forwarded to industry for their review. Industry reviews the outline for technical correctness but also to ensure that the key parameters specified correspond to the language that industry itself normally uses when provides information on their commodities (e.g. industry standards.) Once the discrepancies are resovled [sic] the completed the completed technology outline is then given to the intelligence analyst who is responsible for assessing the worldwide capability of the technology for a final review. After the intelligence analyst has concurred with the outline then it is delivered to the managers of the SOCRATES raw intelligence collection programs.

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