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Project SOCRATES Technology Outlines are constructed from the collective expertise of DoD, DoE Laboratory technical experts, and experts from U.S. industry. The outlines identify the end items and key commodities and their parameters that are necessary for the technology to be at a state-of-the-art level.

When a TOS holds a LABTOE working session with a team of technical experts he leads them through the following steps:


The TOS and all technical experts agree upon a single definition of the technology to be outlined. The defining of the technology to be outlined is the first step in technology outlining and is very crucial to the outlining procedure and the resulting technology outline. When defining a technology the following criteria must be abided by:

  • The SOCRATES technology definition must be consistent with the requirements of the consumer(s) who requested the technology. (In some cases the "technology" requested by a consumer must be broken into numerous SOCRATES technologies on a horizontal and/or vertical bases).
  • A SOCRATES technology is defined as the technology of a single production line which produces an end item or group of end items. The title of the technology [sic] is the name of the end item or group of end items produced by the production line (e.g. Superconductive [sic] single crystal materials technology, Analog to Digital converters technology).



Wafer Preparation Technology This is the technology of taking a silicon or gallium arsenide crystal boule and processing it to produce a wafer out of which an integrated circuit can be produced.


The technical experts mentally picture and/or draw and/or verbalise [sic] the production line of the technology. The production line should follow all technologically feasible methods and will in many cases have numerous junction points when more than one process/commodity is possible. The End Items, Processes, and Key Commodities are connected with the logic term of "ORS" and "THENS". All the various technologically feasible paths must be established within the production line.


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