Series 1 Integrated Circuit Engineering Collection


Excerpts from Status 1984

Introduction to Status '84 - page ix

The "boom/bust" cycle of the integrated circuit industry continues-with a much stronger "boom" than expected during the last half of 1983. The measures of this surge in sales are reported in our detailed market review and projections. As did many of hte forecasters, ICE underestimated the strength of sales for the last half of 1983, feeling that the recovery would not pick up speed until early 1984. The effect of the boom is a growing concern over the capability of major manufacturers to deliver required products. Some of the smaller manufacturers report short-term book-to-bill ratios of 2:1. In doing our market analysis some companies reported that, "We don't need any new orders in 1984."

Worldwide Semiconductor Market Overview - page 1

During 1983, the U.S. economy displayed a swift and vigorous recovery. The semiconductor industury showed the same vigorous recovery. The consensus of forecasts for "moderate" economic gains during 1983 appeared assured through the first few months of the year. However, first-half GNP growth was almost 9 percent, and only a slight slowing of this rate was evident for the remainder of the year. Considering that pervious post-recessionary GNP advances were usually about 6-7 percent, the vigor of the rebound was unexpected...

Semicustom/ Custom IC Market (Gate Array Perspective) - page 11

The worldwide gate array market is just beginning to capture a recognizable share of the IC marketplace. Although gate arrays have recieved extensive publicity and enjoyed widespread use in recent years, the concept is certainly not new. Gate arrays, in some form, have existed since the mid-60s. Why has it taken the gate array approach so long to reach its burgeoning popularity? The answer to this question will be clear after a brief look at history...

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