1987.0487.002 Texas Instruments Collection Object

HAL-9 Computer - 1969
TI number: G00110

The first computer designed by TI, 1969, specifically to control machines in real time.

The HAL-9 was a 16 bit "Stored Program" direct address digital computer.

It was designed to be utilized with almost any then available memory, but an Ampex RF-4 was the one used. Fifty computers were built, and most of them were used to operate the first automatic bonders. A few had other applictions, and one was reported to be still in use in the early 1980's in the Lubbock Opto operation.They were superceded by the TI 960.

Some of the technical feautures were:
  • Memory: Ampex RF-4 4k cire, 16 bit word plus 2 parity bits.
  • Language: Machine or assembly.
  • Integrated Circuits: 14 pin DIP TTL (series 74).
  • Add Time: 4.5 microseconds.
A more detailed account of the design of the HAL-9 written by Ed Millis is in the file. This machine was rescued from the scrap heap by Jim Moreland and presented to Millis on his 25th Anniversary. Millis set it up to play Christmas Carols for a couple of years, and these may still be in the memory.
Texas Instruments (Lee Blanton, Mike Bunyard, Ed Millis.)

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