1987.0487.004 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Camera Electronic Control Module
TI number: G00282

This module controlled the shutter, flash and motor in the SX-70 camera. This item represents initial design version. From the type of potting compound compared to that on other samples in the collection, this was probably from an early development lot.

The IC's, transistors and diode were mounted and bonded on the ceramic substrate and then covered with a potting compound for mechanical and moisture protection. First prototype modules were shipped in February, 1972. This item was in a Polaroid file assembled by Prentiss (Buzz) Selby for the TI Historical Project. That file is in the TI Archives.

Related material in collection: Z00081, 280, 287, G00281, 283, 4, 6.
Texas Instruments (Willis A. Adcock.)

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National Museum of American History

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