1987.0487.016 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Polaroid SX-70 Camera - 1972
TI number: Z00287

This camera was one of the early production SX-70's which was in late 1972. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) and the Motor Control Module (MCM) were designed and built by the TI Semiconductor Group.

A partially used flashbar and filmpak were received with the camera. This camera is one of several presented to TI managers by Land shortly after the camera was introduced. Adcock was in charge of the program for development and initial production. TI started work with Polaroid on the controls for the SX-70 (Advanced Camera) in late 1968 and worked in parallel with the camera design at Polaroid. Prototype modules were shipped in February, 1972, and the camera was released in time for Christmas, 1972. See LIFE, October, 27, 1972, and SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, February, 1974, articles on the SX-70. A copy of each is in the Artifact Historical File. From correspondence in Haggerty's Polaroid file in the TI Archives, this camera was received in December, 1972. A letter from Haggerty to Land establishes this date. Conversations with others revealed that Land and several other Polaroid executives visited TI and presented several SX-70 cameras. Identified so far as recipients were Adcock, Bucy and Haggerty.
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