1987.0487.029 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Silicon Grown Junction Transistor
TI number: G00269

The display is a block of Lucite containing an open and a sealed example of each of the TI904, 2N117 and 2N332 TI silicon grown junction transistors.

The three transistors represented by these devices differed only in packaging. The solder sealed package was used for the original silicon transistor series in 1954. The oval welded seal package was introduced by TI in 1956 and was the first TI welded package. The rounded welded package, 2N332 series, was introduced in 1957 to use the industry standard JEDEC TO-5 outline which TI was instrumental in developing.

Related material in collection: TI904: G00006,7 2N117: G00008, 9, 47 2N332: G00010, 11, 20, 48.
Texas Instruments (Jim Lacy, Howard Moss, Harry Owens.)

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