1987.0487.042 Texas Instruments Collection Object

DRAM Memory - 1970
TI number: G00184

This device represents the first TI effort to make a large monolithic DRAM. The work was done in FEP 1 for the Equipment Group between October 8 and December 30, 1970.

Harvey Cragon of the Equipment Group was in charge of the project. The device used 32 TI standard 1K MOS DRAM'S patterned on a 2" slice. At that time, the 1K was the largest DRAM available. After probing, 17 good 1K's were wire bonded together and then to the external leads, resulting a 1K by 17 bits DRAM. Of the 170 slices processed on 1-1-1 material with fully corrected masks, 119 (70%) had 17 or more good 1K's at multi probe, and 46 (27%) were good at functional probe. Four of the packaged devices were assembled into 4K x 17 bits memory modules for demonstration purposes. Although no production resulted, the project was successful in demonstrating that TI had the design, mask making and front end and capability to produce complex memory products. It also provided guidance to the Equipment Group with regard to using MOS memories in ASC and other applications. Two historical memos are in the file.

Related material in collection: G00184, G00185.
Texas Instruments (Harvey Cragon, Bob Falt, Jim Nygaard.)

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