1987.0487.061 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Radar Module
TI number: Y00384

This module represents the first demonstration of fully functional monolithic radar transmit/receive modules with acceptable yields. The significance of this development was recognized by DARPA with its 1985 award for Outstanding Contractor Breakthrough made to TI.

This development was a result of a five year program at TI sponsored by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories, Avionics. DARPA stated that this key accomplishment demonstrated that T/R modules should be manufacturable at low costs commensurate with the requirements of future large active aperture phased array and ECM systems. The research program is to continue with the goal of quantity production in the 1990's. The 13.0 mm x 4.5 mm Ga/Aa chip includes 25 FET's, 24 ion implanted resistors, 43 capacitors, 48 vias and electron beam lithography defined submicron gates. The chip incorporates a 1/2 watt power amplifier, a low noise amplifier, a 4-bit phase shifter and t/R switches. This item, submitted by CRL as a most significant development of 1985, was the result of joint effort by CRL and DSEG. See the Artifact Historical File for additional information.
Texas Instruments
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