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Television Camera Tubes
TI number: G00317

The TIVICON was a vidicon tube using a silicon diode array for the imaging target. This example was the shortest of the three models built by TI. TIVICON was the only vacum tube product ever built in production by TI.

TI began development of the TIVICON in mid 1967 for use in a Forward Looking Infrared detector equipment (FLIR). The silicon diode target development was based on work done at Bell Telephone Laboratories as part of their Picturephone program. Although some parts were purchased, the tube was manufactured by TI. The first prototype tube was delivered to TI Equipment Group in the first quarter of 1968, and the first Mil Spec tube in the fall of that year. Production continued into late 1972. However, production of the silicon diode targets continued until about 1980. Techtonix had found their signal retention characteristics well suited for use in a storage tube system. The TIVICON also found an application in low light level security TV cameras, and a number were sold to outside cutomers. In the progress of semiconductor technology, charge coupled device (CCD) imagers were developed and became more cost effective in the applications using the TIVICON.
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