1987.0487.095.02 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Silicon Grown Junction Transistors - 1956
TI number: G00336

These TI951 transistors were built in April, 1956, (date code 614). They were checked on 1/3/86 and found to have somewhat degraded current gains (beta) but no severe degradation of breakdown voltage.

This series used the original TI grown junction transistor construction in the oval solder sealed package. It was rated a medium power device at 750mW. dissipation at 25 degrees C. vs. 150mW for the small signal. This capability was the result of the mounting clamp heat sink and an alumina filled silastic compound sealed in the package. The silastic required a heat cure prior to the sealing operation. The 1/3/86 readings are in the Artifact Historical Files.

Related material in collection: G00127, 8.
Texas Instruments (Jim Lacy, Howard Moss, Harry Owens.)

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