1987.0487.113 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Hearing Aid Transistor Packages - 1954
TI number: G00435

This package was designed in 1954 by TI and the package supplier for use in hearing aids. The goal was the smallest practical package in which a germanium grown junction transistor could be assembled. Also, adequate glass was required for electrical insulation.

This solder sealed package was successfully used for hearing aid transistors for a couple of years. The users switched to alloy type transistors for lower noise, and TI chose not to pursue the business because of the production demands of the germanium radio and the silicon transistors. This same package, minus the center lead, was used for silicon diodes which were introduced about March, 1954. Various types of diodes in this package were in production for several years.
Texas Instruments (Norman Ince, Jim Lacy, Mark Shepherd.)

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