1987.0487.114.03 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Thyristors - 1983
TI number: G00374

Fluoractor is the name given by TIL to a Darlington connected pair of thyristors in a JEDEC T0-220 plastic package. This device is a new form of fluorescent tube starter developed by TIL working a UK starter manufacturer.

This is an excellent example of a new product developed for a mature market. Development started July 1, 1981, with first samples in August, 1982. These units are from the prototypes which were built until February, 1983. Production began in 3Q83, with 2M units produced through March, 1986. See the Artifact Historical File for additional information.

Related material in collection: G00375-6 (Slices), PG00092.
Texas Instruments (Mick Maytum, Dave Storey, Phil Tizzard.)

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