1987.0487.115.02 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Transient Suppressor Thyristors
TI number: G00377

The transient suppressor bar (chip) consists of multiple high holding current voltage triggered crowbars used for overvoltage protection of any electronics connected to the telephone line.

The device is a four layer diode based on vertical thyristor technology and is unusual in having "top to bottom" symmetry in various areas, requiring similar implants and diffusions on both sides of the slice. TI's ion implanted planar technology permits the integration of four close tolerance crowbars on one bar (chip). Bar size is .140" x .140". Initial work began in mid 1981, and first production volumes were in late 1983. Approximately 4M units have been shipped in the first three years of production. See Artifact Historical File for additional information.

Related material in collection: G00377-9, PG-00093.
Texas Instruments (Mick Maytum, Dave Storey, Phil Tizzard.)

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