1987.0487.117.02 Texas Instruments Collection Object

TMS9940E Microprocessor
TI number: G00416

The TMS9940E is a single chip, 16-bit microcomputer with 2048 bytes of EPROM. It was introduced by TI in 1979 as part of the 9900 family of products. Also introduced at the time was the TMS9940M with 2048 bytes of ROM.

The TMS9940 experienced only limited production and was dropped in the U.S. because of insufficient customer interest. However, sufficient European demand resulted in continuing production of the TMS9940M by TI France. See the TI9900 Family Systems Design and Data Book for a complete description of the TMS9940. Because of the limited symbolization and source, these units were probably early samples intended for evaluation use.

Related material in collection: G00263.
Texas Instruments (Jim Huffhines, Jerry Leucke.)

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