1987.0487.118.01 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Watch - 1974
TI number: G00419

These two watches were built with remaining parts at the completion of the TI development program for this watch design. The program was completed in the spring of 1974. The watch used a liquid crystal display (LCD) and contained two IC's custom designed for the application.

TI did the development work under contract to Ebauches SA for a project initiated by the Longines Watch Co. A copy of the Longines brochure is in the Artifacts Historical File. The number of watches produced by Longines is not known. Only one watch has a strap. These watches were assembled at TI about January, 1974.

Related material in collection: G00420, 421.
Texas Instruments (Willis Adcock, Fred Bucy, George Ehni, Tom Hyltin.)

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