1987.0487.125 Texas Instruments Collection Object

TI number: S00428

This watch is an example of the first totally electronic quartz LCD analog watch which was introduced by TI in July, 1978. In addition to the time, day and date could be displayed. The combination of several technology firsts made the watch design practical.

Among the technology firsts for this watch were: 1) Use of low voltage liquid crystal material for multiplexed LCD watches displays. 2) Use of a lithium-manganese dioxide cell for watch LCD's. 3) Use of an I2L chip to drive watch LCD's. 4) Use of only 26 contacts for 120 display elements using two-way multiplexing. The watch design, called "Starburst," was manufactured until 1981 when TI closed out all watch activity. For additional information, see the Press Release in the Artifact Historical Files.

Related material in collection: G00425, S00429.
Texas Instruments (Hector Cardenas, Bill Heye.)

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National Museum of American History

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