1987.0487.140 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Transistor Display
TI number: G00413

The germanium alloy diffused process was developed at TI in about 1958. It offered a significant improvement in performance over the standard alloy process, particularly in switching times.

The transistor shown is a 2N1046 type which was introduced in the early 1960's and was in production at TI until the mid 1970's. It was rated at 50W dissipation at 75 degrees C case temperature and capable of operation to 20mHz. Shown is an uncapped device, the germanium chip, chip with emitter ring, chip with base dot and ring and the performance for mounting the completed chip to the header. The chip and the emitter and base connectors to the header were furnace assembled in a one pass operation.
Texas Instruments (Jim Lineback, Elmer Wolff.)

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