1987.0487.142 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Alphanumeric LED Display - 1971
TI number: G00437

This item, built in mid 1971, is a three character 5 x 7 alpha numeric display in a hermetic package for military applications. It contains two SN54164 TTL 8-bit shift registers and 105 gallium arsenide phosphide LED's. The original TI designation was DIS39.

The arrays are spaced so that uniform character spacing can be maintained when multiple displays are mounted on 1.7 inch centers. See G00119 for the later LED chip design. The original application was for Litton Data Systems for use in an F-16 ground support system. In 1985, the product was transferred to Texas Optoelectronics Inc. (TOI) of Garland, Texas.

Related material in collection: G00119.
Texas Instruments (Don Cornett, Ron Grotti.)

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