1987.0487.143 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Numeric LED Display
TI number: G00438

This display is an engineering sample from early production of this display. The type was introduced in early 1972 and was designed for calculator type displays. Production was stopped in 1981.

This display was designed so that character spacing was maintained when multiple displays were mounted end-to-end. An option provided for a digit to be omitted, such as the second one in this unit. Digit number 1 was then used for an E or a - sign. The standard display was cast within a red, electrically nonconductive transparent plastic compound. This unit is in a clear plastic which was used for applications where a transparent red cover was mounted in the case. Later standard production used a red plastic compound.
Texas Instruments (Bob Cole, Don Cornett, Ron Grotti.)

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National Museum of American History

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