1987.0487.148 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Numeric LED Display - 1973
TI number: G00443

This device is an prototype sample of type TIL505 from about 1973. It consists of 20 gallium arsenide phosphide die in a rectangular 8 configuration plus two decimal points and an IC chip mounted on a ceramic plug-in header and hermetically sealed to a glass cover.

This device was introduced in 1973 and produced by TI until 1985. It is electrically interchangeable with the TIL311, a plastic encapsulated device. The TIL 505 was also assigned the JEDEC registration number of 4N56. The IC logic chip is an X718, indicating it was a special chip for this application. In 1985, the product was transferred to Texas Optoelectronics Inc. (TOI) of Garland, Texas.
Texas Instruments (Don Cornett, Ron Grotti.)

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National Museum of American History

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