1987.0487.153 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Numeric LED Display - 1971-4
TI number: G00448

This item is an early (1971-4) single digit calculator display. It consists of a single gallium arsenide phosphide chip with a seven segment character and a minus sign.

The LED chip was mounted on the lead frame and bonded. The Assembly was then cast in a red, electrically nonconductive, transparent plastic compound with a dome above the chip to magnify the number. The required number of displays were mounted on a circuit board and soldered in place. Satisfactory alignment of the numbers was a time consuming operation. Although this type display was used for several years, it was super ceded for new and modified designs by displays of the G00434 type and later by designs such as used on S00449.
Texas Instruments (Bob Cole, Don Cornett, Ron Grotti.)

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National Museum of American History

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