1987.0487.154 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Numeric LED Display
TI number: G00450

This display is a yellow gallium arsenide phosphide seven segment digit with right hand decimal point. It was introduced 1981. The LED chips are mounted and bonded to a metal lead frame (G00451) and then molded within an electrically nonconductive plastic case.

After assembly, each unit is clipped from the lead frame strip, and the leads are formed. This assembly is then put in the plastic case which contains a clear plastic in liquid form to which has been added a light dispersant. After curing, the display is completely sealed in the plastic. These devices are manufactured under contract in Korea with TI die. This display is also available with red or green digits under other type numbers.

Related material in collection: G00451, 452.
Texas Instruments (Don Cornett, Ron Grotti.)

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National Museum of American History

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