1987.0487.190 Texas Instruments Collection Object

TMS9900 Microprocessor
TI number: G00263

The item is a display sample of the TI TMS9900 microprocessor in the dual inline ceramic package. The TMS9900 was the first high performance single chip 16 bit microprocessor. It was introduced in 1976 and is still in production.

On the sample, the cap has a glass insert so the chip and bonding wires can be seen. The device process is silicon gate MOS (NMOS). The organization and use of the TMS9900 are described in the TI9900 Family Systems Design and Data Book. A number of supporting devices were introduced to proved optimum use of the TMS9900 and are covered in the Data Book.
Texas Instruments (Jim Huffhines, Jerry Luecke.)

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National Museum of American History

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