1987.0487.196 Texas Instruments Collection Object

4 Mb Memory Chip Display
TI number: Y00345

Displayed in a Lucite desk paperweight is a chip of the first four million bit DRAM. It was announced by TI in October 1985, and classified as an experimental device. It was also the first truly three dimensional VLSI circuit.

The device contains 4,194,304 memory bits in a 1 cm. square chip, utilizing 8.4 million components. A major feature of the design is a three dimensional trench transistor cross point cell. The technology is a 1 micron double level metal CMOS. At the time of the initial documentation (3/5/86), a testing program was underway, and release for production had not been scheduled.

Related material in collection: Y00346, PY00088,9.
Texas Instruments (Pallab K. Chatterjee, James D. Gallia, Ashwin H. Shah.)

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