1987.0487.201.04 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Thermal Printheads
TI number: G00132

This assortment contains the Thermal Printheads listed below. The thermal printer was developed in 1969 by TI, which holds the key patents. The inventor was Jerry Merryman, and they are numbers 3,501,615; 3,571,917 and 3,601,669.

Included in the assortment are one each of EPN2300(with connector), 2603A, 1-6,3100, 3300, 3310, 3390, 3391, 3112B, 3114, 31160, 31168, 3120A, 3510, 5200b, 5201A, 4100B, 5420 and 4050. The thermal printer is still in use today in many calculators and the TI Silent 700 series terminals. It also has been used in a wide range of commercial and military applications. For a description of the thermal printer and its operation, see an article on the EPN2100 thermal printer in the Artifacts Historical File. The EPN2100 was a version of the printer used in the Canon Pocketronic Calculator and was similar to the EPN2300 in this assortment. The principles of construction and operation described in the article apply to the printheads in this assortment. Thermal paper was known at the time of this development, but a small, efficient thermal printer that operated on battery power had never been produced.

Related material in collection: S00131, 408, G00133 & 134.
Texas Instruments (Dave Carlson, Don Castle, Glenn Snyder.)

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