1987.0487.233 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Calculator-on-a-Chip Integrated Circuit
TI number: G00129

The 'calculator-on-a-chip' was an MOS integrated circuit announced by TI in September, 1971. In addition to its being offered for sale to the industry, a variation was a key element in TI's first portable calculator, the Datamath, introduced in September, 1972.

Item was part of the original S/B Lobby display and was used in the 50th Anniversary exhibit. This special package was used for display purposes. The device offered a complete four-function business calculator with a 3,500 bit read only memory, shift register and sequential address memory. The chip provided the equivalent of some 20,000 transistors. Changing a single photo mask permitted functional variations, including slide rule type calculations as well. Patent No. 4074351 was issued in July, 1971, to Gary Boon and Michael J. Cochran and assigned to TI. For additional information, see the Artifacts Historical Files.

Related material in collection: G00123.
Texas Instruments (Dave Carlson, Ken Davis, Kevin McDonough.)

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