1987.0487.237 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuit - 1963
TI number: G00157

The device is a Minuteman II gate built by TI in the early stage of the program, probably late 1963.

A photograph of the device chip is in the file. All MM IC's used the type of label shown in order to provide all the required information for each device. The color band is the standard component code for 904. The number, unique for each device, was used to maintain a record through all testing and use in the system. "1" designated a TI device. Serial numbers started at A00001. The 904 was a high usage type; hence the number A02602 designates a very early unit.

Related material in collection: See G00019 and G00145 for mounted units.
Texas Instruments (Jim Lacy, Howard Moss, Charles Phipps.)

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National Museum of American History

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