1987.0487.260 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Automotive Skid Control Circuit Board - 1973
TI number: P00223

This board represents the final design of the circuit board for the Kelsey-Hayes automotive skid control system. It was built in February-March, 1973. The skid control was for use in Ford cars.

This design by Control Products with Semiconductor Group participation utilized three integrated circuits. Satisfactory performance of the skid control system was demonstrated, but it was not put into full production. Repeal of the Federal law requiring large trucks to be equipped with such a system deleted the major market requirement and resulted in cancellation of the project. However, some of the top of the line Ford cars were equipped with skid control as an option.

Related material in collection: P00222, P00237.
Texas Instruments (Ken Buss, Ralph Dosher, James J. (Jim) Jones.)

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