1987.0487.276 Texas Instruments Collection Object

MOS DRAM Wafer - 1970
TI number: G00183

This slice is from the first TI effort to make a large monolithic DRAM. The work was done in FEP 1 for the Equipment Group between October 8 and December 30, 1970.

The device is a 1K x 17 bits MOS DRAM. The process consisted of putting 32 standard 1K DRAMS on a 2" slice. Slices were multi probed, and those with 17 or more good 1K chips were accepted for further processing. See G00184 and G00185 for additional information. FEP1 was the result of the first TI program to build a slice processing facility utilizing the maximum practical mechanical handling and computer control. The program was known as the Front End Project.

Related material in collection: G00184-5.
Texas Instruments (Harvey Cragon, Bob Falt, Jim Nygaard.)

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