1987.0487.304.01 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Silicon Bipolar Microprocessor
TI number: G00348

The SBP 9989 is a TI second generation bipolar 16-bit microprocessor offering major improvements in performance over its predecessor, SBP 9900A. It was introduced and put into production near the end of 1980.

The SBP 9989 was implemented in TI's Advanced I2L Technology (Integrated Injection Logic). It was designed for military applications, with an operating range of -55 to 125 degrees C, low power consumption and a tolerance of radiation exposure. The chip measures 0.235" x 0.245" (0.057575 sq. in.) and contains 4831 transistors and 218 resistors. The SBP 9989 is also available in the 68 terminal chip carrier package which is approximately 1" x 1" x 1/16".

Related material in collection: G00347,9.
Texas Instruments (Wally Banzhaf, John Hughes, Wil Shurtleff, Jim Szot.)

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