1987.0487.318 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Transistor Packages Display - 1953
TI number: G00389

This display in plastic show some of the very early transistor packages used or considered for use by TI. From memory and the packages shown, this display was probably made in the latter part of 1953.

No. 1 is the package used for the first TI produced transistor. This was the package used by Bell Labs/Western Electric at the time of the licensing agreement. Nos. 2 - 4 are packages for the first TI designed transistors, germanium point contacts. Nos. 5 - 7 are packages of the designs being used in Engineering at the time for evaluation. At that time, the industry was in the process of developing a standard small signal transistor package. The package finally selected by TI was dimensionally very close to No. 7. The header had a kovar rim and leads sealed in glass. After fabrication of the transistor, the header was solder sealed to a metal can. The 1-53 on the front of No. 2 and the back of No. 3 indicate they were made in January, 1953.

Related material in collection: See G00001-3, 42-44 for examples of production devices of the period.
Texas Instruments (Boyd Cornelison, Steve Karnavas, Jim Lacy, Mark Shepherd.)

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