1987.0487.339 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Computer Housing - 1961
TI number: G00087

The item is a housing for the first I/C computer. The only complete unit built was delivered to the Air Force Materials Laboratory, Air Force Systems Command. At the present time, its existence or location is unknown.

The computer was built in October, 1961, as part of an Air Force contract. It was a serial binary fixed-point machine with operand word length of 10 bits. It occupied 6.3 cubic inches and used 587 I/C's. An equivalent machine was built using discrete active and passive components. The I/C complement consisted of 392 Flip Flops, Type 2N209 163 Nor Gates, Type 2N216, and 32 Logic Drivers, Type 213. A Separate Manual Control Unit was provided along with an auxiliary paper tape unit for readout. The computer could be programed as a desk calculator to preform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square root. For additional information, see the Final Report on Contract AF 33(600)4210-ASD/USAF, Technical Report Nr. AFML-TR-64-386. In recent years, several of the AF Material Lab personnel involved in this program were contracted about the location of the computer. None could provide information leading to its being located. Willis Adcock, Jack Kilby and Al Nemecek are knowledgeable about the search.
Texas Instruments (Willis Adcock, Bill Brower, Jack Kilby, Harvey Cragon, Charles Phipps.)

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National Museum of American History

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