1987.0487.341 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Silicon Diffused Mesa Power Transistor
TI number: G00050

Example of the first diffused mesa silicon transistor produced by TI. Introduced in early 1957.

Item was part of the original S/B Lobby display. This was the best silicon power transistor available for some time and was designed into much military equipment. Collector current rating was 2A. The initial price was $86 in 1-99 quantities. A JAN specification was issued in 1962, and TI immediately became a qualified supplier. Because of its wide use in military equipment, even prior to the JAN specification, it remained in production until(UNKNOWN DATE), even after an improved planar transistor was available. Because of different processes full interchangeability could not be maintained. See display description for additional information.

Related material in collection: G00051.
Texas Instruments (Boyd Cornelison, Howard Moss, Elmer Wolff.)

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National Museum of American History

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