1987.0487.347 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Circuit Board
TI number: Z00019

Minuteman II represented the first major production use of integrated circuits.

This double sided multi layer board is typical of those used in that system. The board design of the system-1962-3. This board also contains two TI bilateral germanium alloy transistors. This is an early board showing some rework before it was scrapped. The Minuteman guidance system was designed and built by the Autonetics Division of Rockwell International from whom this board was received by Randolph.

Related material in collection: Z00145, 146. ATTACHMENT: A check at the source at Autonetics indicated that this board was built in late 1965 or early 1966. Date code on the transistors fit that timing. All but one of the IC's left on the board are from TI. The IC's do not have date codes but have individual serial numbers. As a part of the program reliability requirements, records were kept by serial number so that a complete processing history of each IC from start to shipment was available for each device.
Texas Instruments (Jim Lacy, Charles Phipps, Jimmy Squires.)

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