1987.0487.364 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Watch Assembly Display
TI number: S00315

The display shows the parts and fabrication steps for two TI watches, lady's and man's, in plastic cases. Also shown are five 3" slices illustrating stages in slice processing.

In addition to the slices, the display contains photographs of six different IC chips. The steps from lead frame to plastic module are shown, with two samples molded in clear plastic to show the position of the IC. Module parts, assembled modules, case parts and assembled watches are displayed. The module design and assembly method was common to all TI watches. The X-830 chip was the first TI watch chip and was designed with I2L (Current Injection Logic) technology. It was used in the first TI watch modules (1975) which were sold to Benrus but were not used by TI for watches. The X-902, also I2L, was the next design and was widely used in TI watches, which were introduced in late 1975. It was probably the largest volume chip used. The IC and module design and manufacturing technology not only made possible an electronic watch but provided the means for cost reductions and an accurate very low cost watch.
Texas Instruments (Wally Banzhaf, Hector Cardenas, Bill Heye, Clark Williams.)

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National Museum of American History

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