UNKNOWN Texas Instruments Collection Object

Infrared Detector (FLIR) - 1971
TI number: C00481

This FLIR is the oldest version of a FLIR known to exist and was built in about 1971. The first FLIR ever built was by TEXAS INST. in 1964.

Consists of an infrared optical system with germanium lens which collects & focuses the IR signal on 180 IR detectors which are cooled by a helium refrigerant cryogenic closed cycle system. The detectors feed 180 amplifier channels which power 180 light emitting diodes. A rotating mirror ass'y views the LED's and a TV camera views the rotating mirror ass'y and the resulting image is shown on a cathode ray tube. The resulting picture appears similar to a black & white TV picture of the area being scanned. The difference is that heat gradients cause the image & that this image can be obtained even if the area is in total darkness.

Related material in collection: C00480(INFRARED DETECTOR) & PC00125(photo of C00480)
Texas Instruments (Chuck Larsen.)

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