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Adcock 1984.0040NMAH Catalog Number 1984.0321.01
Hand-wired Hybrid Integrated Circuit, GS40142, 1.6cm dia. x 2.6cm

a transcription - February 16, 1984

Subject: A Sample of Micro-circuit Artifacts

In response to a note in the Feb. 13, 1984 edition of the Bell Labs News, I phoned Marcy Goldstein concerning a sample of old micro-circuits. This is an expansion of the conversation:

When I joined Western Electric (now AT&T Technologies, Inc.) in 1977, I was assigned an older desk which had been shipped to the Indian Hill location (Naperville, IL) from a New Jersey location. In the desk, I found these electronic devices. An office partner recognized them as digital integrated circuits from the processor of the SAGE (StrAtegic Ground Environment) system, which was used to control the country's first anti-aircraft defense, guided missile system.

The circuit packages bear the Western Electric trademark, identification numbers of GF40139, GF40140, GF40142, GF40164, and what appear to be dates from various weeks and quarters of 1968 and 1969.

We filed the lid off of one of them, and found half a dozen transistor and diode chips, attatched [sic] to metal pads, which were bonded to a ceramic substrate. The interconnections had been done by hand, with gold wire. The package might be described as a hand-wired hybrid integrated circuit. They are enclosed with this letter; I hope they help with the exhibit!

David JJ Iverson
IH llIH561630
1B314 X5818

M U S E U M     F I L E    R E F E R E N C E

National Museum of American History

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