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United States Patent 2,756,485

July 31, 1956

Process of Assembling Electrical Circuits

Filed August 28, 1950
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Moe Abramson and Stanislaus F. Danko
assignors to

The United States of America

as represented by

The Secretary of the Army

6 Claims (CL.29 -- 155.5)
Granted under Title 35, U.S. Code (1952), sec. 266)

...other attempts to simplify the manufacturing process focused on the interconnection of components. In 1949 Danko and Abrahamson [sic] of the Signal Corps announced the "Auto-Sembly" process,4 in which component leads were inserted into a copper foil interconnection pattern and dip soldered. With the development of board lamination and etching techniques, this concept evolved into the standard printed circuit board fabrication process in use today.
Vol. ED-23, No. 7, July 1979
Jack S. Kilby, Fellow, IEEE

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Transcript of Proceedings Before Hon. R. Dorsey Watkins, Judge
No. 11421 Civil
Wednesday, November 22, 1961 10AM - 4PM

Technograph Printed Circuits, Ltd. and Technograph Printed Electronics, Inc.
Bendix Aviation Corporation
OFF-SET TECHNIQUE: Auto-Sembly Process aka Signal Corps Process
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