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Danko 1998.0191   The following table contains the finding aid for the documentation regarding the Danko Collection preserved within the National Museum of American History Archives Center. 

The Danko Collection is numbered NMAH AC#667

NMAH AC#667 Folder /File Number

DANKO Material


File #1


Technical Publications, 1982

File #2


The Wrist Radio

File #3


Transmission Line Characteristics, ca. 1945

File #4


Simplified Design Through Unitized Design, ca. 1947

File #5


The Auto-sembly system of Circuit fabrication, ca. 1949

File #6


Printed Circuits On Foil-Clad Plastics, ca. 1951

File #7


Printed Circuit handbook -- Utilization of Prefabricated Wiring, ca. 1953

File #8


MEMO -- Appraisal of RCA's Internal Microminiaturization program, ca. 1957-- of note: Tinker Toy assembly concept for the US Navy

File #9


Institute of Radio Engineers, ca. 1959 (editorial reference to DANKO et al "The Micro Module", pp. 894 and 634)

File #10


The Micromodule Approach To Microminiaturization, ca. 1962 (NATO)

File #11


Institute of Radio Engineers, ca. 1962 (editorial reference to DANKO, Printed Circuits & Microelectronics, pp. 937, 44 references, 6 figures)

File #12


The Army Micro-Module Program, ca. 1962 (see also Dummer, for critical comment of micromodule program, 40 pages, 7 figures)

File #13


Micro-Electronics - Theory, design, and fabrication, E. keonjian, ca. 1963 (dated by citation in S. DANKO bibliography Publication 1)

File #14

Historical Monographs 1

Miniaturization of army Communications - Electronics, ca. 1946-64 --of note: includes history of Technograph Patent Suit

File #15


FY70 FY74 R&D, US Army Electronic Command, ca. 1969

File #16


Survey of Soviet Electronic industry, S. Kojima, et al, ca. 1969

File #17


Historical resume: Electronic Component Laboratory, ca. 1969 (SF DANKO rubberized stamp on each page)

File #18


History of Countermeasures, ca. 1975 (penciled notation by ?DANKO)

File #19


Reprint, Electronic Components, ca. 1920-1975, 8 references, 4 figures

File #20


Trip to the peoples Republic of China, 1988

File #21 1a

File #21 1b

File #21 1c

File #21 1d

Patent Dispute

1a: Technograph Brochure 09-14-1959

1b: Defendants Brief

1c: Defendants Objection to Plantiffs Findings of Fact

1d: defendants Requested Findings of Fact

Technograph v United States,

No. 127-62, ca. 1962

File #22 1e

File #22 1f

File #22 1g

File #22 1h

File #22 1I

File #22 1j

File #22 1k


1e: to Rogers from test Instruments production department

1f: to HVSTRONG from A.W. Rogers

1g: Rogers' requested clearance

1h: to HERMOPLAST from Rogers

1I: Rogers from Technograph

1j: Rogers requests clearance

1k: to HERMOPLAST from Rogers

note: these concern printed circuit samples that were sent about the time of the DANKO/ABRAMSON PATENT APPLICATION, filed on 28 August 1950)

File #23 2a

File #23 2b

File #23 2c

File #23 2d


2a: sample format page, "sample sinoff"

2b: memos of tranmittal

2c: 23 feb. 1973 memos of transmittal

2d: report, 2 pages, 5 attachments, 1958-1968

note: cited in Civilian Spinoffs From Mat'l. Comm. Activities, ca. 1973

File #24 3a

File #23 3b

File #24 3c

File #24 3d


3a: Novelty

3b: Other Value

3c: Utlity

3d: Commercial Import

note: various recitations of benefits derived from assy. Process patent. See also Awards/Commendations-External for possible linkage.

File #25 a

File #25 b

File #25 c

File #25 d


a: Chronological Professional History 1945-1965

b: awards banquet guest list

c: The First 100 Years of Award Winners, pp.190

d: Cover letter - DANKO

File #26 a

File #26 b

File #26 c

File #26 d

File #26 e

File #26 f

File #26 g

File #26 h


(external to the Dept. of Army)

a: 13 June 1969 letter from hanz Ziegler to Frank Weisenborn

b: 1 Dec. 1969 Weisenborn "sorry" to Zeilger

c: 4 Aug 1970 Zeigler's nomination of patent to Weisenborn

d: 29 Aug 1974 from Franklin Pierce Law center re: NSF study of inventions

e: no date, issued one cent postcard

f: no date DANKO's completed questionnaire with respect to NSF Project

g: Oct 1984 Certificate- short course, IBM Personal Computer

h: 15 Jun 1987 Cooper Union letter advising nomination to Golden Legion

Book #1


A Career in perspective S.F. DANKO Vol.1 December 1981

Note: "stashed" within this volume are original school report cards, licenses, news clippings, certificates and notations)

Book #2


A Career in perspective S.F. DANKO Vol.2 December 1981

Note: "stashed" within this volume are original school report cards, licenses, news clippings, cancelled certificates and notations)

File #27

Awards Commendations

1956 Internal to the Depart. of the Army letter from Rogers to DANKO, 18 April 1956 (includes list of publications and presentations by DANKO)

File #28


Project Pay Dirt, internal to the dept. of the Army, Civilian personal newsletter, Sept-Oct 1957; Electronic week, 29 Jan. 1957; awards Review, dec. 1957; photocopy of Abramson/DANKO; Citation by Rogers

File #29

Awards Commendations

various memoranda on subject, DANKO's report "Walk Through"; Certificate - Army Special Service Award

File #30 a

File #30 b

File #30 c

File #30 d

File #30 e

Employment Form(s)

Employee Record Card

a: SF-9 Roster of Scientists in the Federal Service

b: WD Form 80A Employee Record Card

c: OF-4b employee record card

d: Current Employment Record

e: Efficency Ratings

File #31

Employment Form

Civilian Qulaification, 1964

File #32

Employment Form

Security Clearance 1968

File #33

Employment Form

Career program-referal Listing 1970

File #34

Employment Form

Performance Rating and Career Appraisal 1977

File #35

Special Assignments



File #36

Employment Retirement



File #37


Organizational Chart, US Army Electronics Research And development Command 1981

File #38


Job description, DANKO

File #39


Stats, press and justification, qualifications

File #40


S.F. DANKO, 1916-1969

File #41


Biographical sketch

File #42


Retirement letters

File #43



File #44


Amateur Radio call letters

File #45


Academic diplomas, acceptance to graduate school

File #46


  • DANKO et al, copyright Signal Corps of Engineers
  • Image #348815 April 21, 1952 Circuitry for Loki Missile "Crystal Radio Receiver"
  • Image #30771 may 7, 1951 "Auto-Sembly System of Circuit Fabrication"
  • Image #? Figure 8, ceramic based printed circuits 1954-64
  • Image #? Figure 9, Kenyon Contact Models
  • Image #? Figure 10, Typical Laboratory ceramic Circuit, 1948
  • Image #42592, Dec. 23, 1954 "Autosembly System of Circuit fabrication" Task 2006-A-Admiral 21 inch television
  • Image #? Figure 17a, manual Concept Loading Auto-Sembly
  • Image #? Figure 17b, Automatic Component Insertion Machine, 1952
  • Image #? Figure 17b, Automatic Component Insertion Machine, 1954
  • Image AMSEL-RD-64-562 laser IME Counter (exposed both circuit boards) 1964
  • Image SELRA-64-147 Microcircuit Module 1964 (ceramic tower stacking)
  • Image #42595 dec. 23, 1954 AutoSembly System, front view of exposed circuit board
  • Image #451655, May 10, 1943 Instrument Inspection lab
  • Image #? Figure 7, Functional Modules, late 1940s (earliest applications to sugnal equipment)
  • Image #? 7B Close-Up discrimminator module characteristic of component packing
  • Image #451657 May 10, 1943 Instrument in Inspection Lab
  • Image #? Figure 4, radio set SCR-300 prepared for operation
  • Image #? Figure 5, radio receiver and transmitter BC-1000 Bottom View
  • Image #M-60-184 production potentials, 1940-80
  • Image #M-61-1175 horse with back-pack equipment

File #47

Miscellaneous Personal



File #48


Possibly, Y2K original Signal Corps programming sheet, scratch (by hand) notes by DANKO on yellow legal paper. Includes other papers, notations and ideas from DANKO.

Additional Material Added

fowarded by Danko family members

Transcript of Proceedings
Before Hon. R. Dorsey Watkins, Judge
No. 11421 Civil

Wednesday, November 22, 1961 10AM - 4PM

Technograph Printed Circuits, Ltd. and
Technograph Printed Electronics, Inc.
Bendix Aviation Corporation
Auto-Sembly Process aka Signal Corps Process

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