Series 1-17 Integrated Circuit Engineering Collection RESUME 

Glen Madland, Founder    The resume below is that of Glen Madland, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation. (Transcribed)


Glen R. Madland

EDUCATION: B.S.E.E., Iowa State College 1950
1979-Present Chairman of the Board of Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation.
1964-1979 30 year anniversary story (330K) President of Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation. Mr. Madland formed the corporation "ICE" for the purpose of providing training, consulting expertise, and design services in the field of integrated circuits and semiconductors.
1961-1964 Motorola, Inc., Semiconductor Products Division, Section Manager, Integrated Circuit Development.
1957-1961 Manager, Application Engineering, Motorola, Inc., Semiconductor Products division. Responsible for semiconductor applications in the fields of computers, communications, consumer products, automotive electronics, and industrial electronics.
1955-1957 Chief Engineer, Portable Communications Products, Motorola, Inc. Responsible for the design of sub-miniature two-way communication equiptment, including both commercial and military. Military experience includes air, sea rescue communication equiptment, Radiosonde and various classified projects. Commercial experience includes the early transistorization of two-way radio and pocket paging equiptment.
1954-1955 Department Head, Test and Standards Laboratory, Motorola Communications Division. Established test and standards laboratory with responsibility for environmental testing, components, evaluation, customer quality control testing and investigation, instrument maintenance, and communication equipment evaluation.
1950-1954 Motorola, Inc., Communications Division, various positions including section leader, group leader, and electronic engineer for subminiature communication equipment and power supply design for two-way mobile and fixed station radio.
PUBLICATIONS: Mr. Madland is the author of a well-known series on Integrated Circuits entitled "Applying Integrated Circuits" in the publication ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS. In addition to many technical articles, he is the author, together with the ICE staff, of a series STATUS OF THE INDUSTURY, which been published since mid-1967, and BAISC INTEGRATED CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY. Mr. Madland's article, "MOS Integrated Circuits - The Designers Dilemma," was presented at the Western Electronic Show and Convention, August 1969. Mr. Madland is also the author, along with others from Motorola, of INTEGRATED CIRCUITS - DESIGN PRINCIPLES AND FABRICATION, published by McGraw-Hill Book Company (1965).
July 9, 1967
Converting System
July 9, 1957
Portable Electronic Unit
April 8, 1958
Power Supply
Dec. 1, 1959
May 16, 1961
Portable Radio
Dec. 25, 1962
Voltage Convertor
Aug. 24, 1965
Electronic Switching Circuit
Patent 3,304,594 sheet 2 of 10 (45K)
Feb. 21, 1967
Method of Making Integrated Circuits by Controlled Process
MEMBERSHIPS: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and Electrochemical Society
Copyright 1999 Glen Madland

National Museum of American History

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