Series 1


This annual publication is a comprehensive, illustrated report that includes:

A world wide IC industry economic update and forecasts, IC manufacturers, U.S. producers, ASIC (Application Specific IC) market trends, IC technology trends, and memory & microprocessor IC products. Also an appendix that includes a listing of companies that service the IC industry and IC fabrication facilities worldwide.

The semiconductor industry data is analyzed and presented using two methods. One describes the "market" for semiconductors while the other examines the semiconductor "production" or "sales" of the device manufacturers. In ICE’s analysis, total, world wide semiconductor production equals worldwide semiconductor consumption in any given year.

Taken in part from STATUS 1996 Introduction.

Of note are specific chapters, such as THE CHIP AS A PACKAGE, page 4-44. This chapter explains many cases the MCM (Multi-chip Module) will be able to replace an existing printed circuit assembly-using surface mounted individual IC packages. The replacement market will be driven by the usual market forces of cost, performance, and size.

The chapter includes photographs of particular objects, such as 1991.0117.05 and .06 SunSparc’s donated by System Planning. Though not collected from ICE the objects can now be supported/confirmed with further documentation/analysis directly from ICE.

This series contains information concerning the financial aspects of ICE in a collection of annual financial reports referred to as STATUS REPORTS (1970-1997 with 1972 unavailable at this time).

  Excerpts from Status 1984


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