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SCSI is the acronym for Small Computer System Interface. SCSI is a specification -- American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard X3.131-1986 and International Standard (IS) 9316:1989 -- for a peripheral bus and command set. The SCSI specification defines a high-performance peripheral interface that distributes data among peripherals independently of the host, thereby freeing the host computer for more user-oriented activities. Today, SCSI is s computer-industry standard. Pioneered between 1981 and 1982 by NCR corporation in cooperation with Shugart Associates, SCSI technology changed the face of computing. In 1981, NCR joined forces with Shugart to develop an intelligent interface for disk drives. In December 1981, NCR and Shugart convinced the X3T9 Standards Committee to adopt SCSI as a working document for an ANSI interface standard. In April 1982, a subcommittee led by an NCR representative began work on the new standard. The subcommittee named the proposed input/output (I/O) standard the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) . During development at NCR's facility in Wichita, Kansas, a select group tackled the job of putting the proposed standard into silicon. The developers labored in isolation from other research- and-development activities -- in a conference room located in an unoccupied and uncompleted part of the building. Their room was lined with liquid-chalk boards, also known as "white boards," which served as scratch pads for the team. Each time a board was filled with design notes, a photo was taken to capture the data, and the board was wiped clean and used again. This design process yielded the industry's first SCSI chip. Of course, much has changed since the introduction of the first SCSI chip. There are now many SCSI protocol chips from which to choose, almost every computer vendor offers or uses SCSI products, and the SCSI protocol has now been approved as an international standard (IS 9316:1989) .Today, NCR continues to enhance SCSI technology and develop new standards that permit SCSI to take advantage of emerging technologies.

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