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Today, expert industry analysts such as Dan Ebert of Technology Forums in Minneapolis, Minnesota, agree that SCSI is emerging as the most popular standard used in the United States for peripheral communications. The Wichita Business Journal, in an October 2, 1989, article by Barbara Greene, said: "[The NCR] Peripheral Products' [Division] greatest claim to fame so far has been the development of the SCSI (pronounced by those in the industry as "scuzzy") chip. NCR is largely credited with making the technology on which the chip is based a standard in the industry. The Small Computer System Interface, first developed in 1982, enables small computers to have several different peripherals attached, so the computer can speak to them all virtually simultaneously. "NCR had actually taken an existing technology that had gone nowhere, modified it and took the specifications to an international standards board, according to Ken Hallam of Endl, a market-research and consulting firm in San Juan Capistrano, California. "'They opened up the internal specifications to the world,' he said. 'It was kind of courageous, because no one had done anything like that with internal interfaces before. They were brave enough to open it up,' "

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