The Chip Collection

Identification Numbers

The unique numbers of the Chip Collection are defined using the
examples Accession Number 1996.0089; Catalog Number 1996.0089.105 and Archives Center Number 600.


  Acc.# - the Accession-acquisition number

            1996 - year the individual collection arrived at
                      the National Museum of American History

                    .0089 - the 89th collection of the year 1996

1996.0089.105 unique catalog number of a single object

   1996.0089 - the accession/acquisition number

                    .105 - the 105th object of the unique accession 1996.0089

The collecting division, in this case, Information Technology & Society - Electricity Collections stores and/or exhibits the actual object. The collecting Division also captures relative documentation, such as cross-reference materials.


   AC# - Archive Center number
          600 - 600th collection in the Archives of the National Museum of
                    American History

The Archives Center maintains container lists with unique collection names, series numbers and most important the Archive Center Number. When requesting information for your research either from the collecting division or the Archives it is imperative to include the associated number(s). Your contacts for requesting information and/or appointments to research the Chip Collection are:

NMAH Archives Center
Manuscript Technology Collections

Hal Wallace, Curator - CHIPS
Information Technology & Society - Electricity Collections

National Museum of American History

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