Acc. 1998.0061 Olson Papers SECRECY ORDER 1943

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Transcription of original document

Form D-2-mm
JAN 11 1944

Serial No. 507,910 Filed October 27, 1943 Division 59

[issued 12/11/56
as 2,733,745]

For Production of Pure Chemical Elements

Applicant Keith Huetis Butler and Carl Marcus Olson

Assignee E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company


NOTICE- To the applicant above names, his heirs, and any and all his assignees, attorneys and agents, hereinafter designated principals.

You are hereby notified that your application as above identified has been found to contain subject matter, the unauthorized disclosure of which might be detrimental to the public safety or defense, and you are ordered in nowise to publish or disclose the invention or any material information with respect thereto, including hitherto unpublished details of the subject matter of said application, in any way to any person not cognizant of the invention prior to the date of the order, including any employee of the principals, but to keep the same secret except by written permission first obtained of the Commissioner of Patents, under the penalties of the act of October 6, 1917 (Public No. 80), as amended July 1, 1940 (Public No. 700), as amended August 21, 1941 (Public Law 239), and June 16, 1942 (Public Law 609), 35 U.S.C. 42; 40 Stat, 394, 54 Stat. 710, 55 Stat. 540 O. G. 233, 248.

Any other application which contains any significant part of the subject matter of the above identified application falls within the scope of this order. If such other application does not stand under a secrecy order, it and the common subject matter should be brought to the attention of the patent Office War Division.

If prior to the issuance of the secrecy order any significant part of the subject matter has been revealed to any person, the principals shall promply inform such person of the secrecy order and the penalties for improper disclosure set out in Public No. 700, 76th Congress, and Public Law 239, 77th Congress.

This order should not be construed in any way to mean that the Government has adopted or contemplates adoption of the alleged invention disclosed in this application; nor is it any indication of the value of such invention. In order to make the details of your invention available for inspection by various governmental agencies concerned therewith for consideration of its possible use in the war program and at the same time to preserve your rights under the Act, it is suggested that you promptly tender this invention to the Government of the United States for its use. Such tender may be effected by a communication addressed to the Secretary of War or the Secretary of the Navy and should be accompanied by a power to inspect and make copies of the application.

This order is modified by the provisions of accompanying permit B (form D-3-1).

JAN 10 1944
Conway P. Coe

Scanned Image

National Museum of American History
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