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Transcription of original document
  CC: Dr. J. F. Daley - Dr. C. H. Greene

walt - Pigments - Wilmington
Dr. J. E. Booge
Mr. I. J. Krchma
XX File
Newport, Delaware
May 7, 1946
MR. F. H. WEISMULLER [Gen. Mgr.]


Reference is made to your letter of May 1st requesting information on production and sales of cur Hyper Pure Silicon XX.

The XX unit as installed in A-21 was capable of producing 100 lbs. per month of refined silicon. While sales of the material during the war did not demand such a rate, it could have been achieved readily. Purification of the crude production was the principal bottleneck and it is believed that if that step were carried out in a separate room, an ultimate production rate of 200 lbs./month would not be impossible.

Our stock of silicon, aggregating some seventy pounds, was believed to be a sufficient reserve to allow us to dismantle our producing unit in order to provide more research space. The bulky equipment is now in storage in A-57. Power lines, transformers, and control instruments were not disturbed and the entire unit can be reassembled when necessary on reasonable notice.

Attached herewith is a list of the electrical companies and research laboratories to whom we made deliveries of silicon. The principal use for silicon was in the manufacture of small rectifiers in radar equipment. It seems to us that all manufacturers of electronic devices, e.g., radar, television, industrial control etc., are potential customers and should be contacted. It might be in order to send out samples to those laboratories who do not already have our silicon in order that they may study its properties and develop new uses.


Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.


(162 lbs.)

Miss Barbara M. Joyce (buyer)

2519 Wilkins Avenue Baltimore 3, Maryland
Dr. J. S. Angelo )
Mr. P. R. Kalischer)
East Pittsburgh, Pa.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


(42 lbs.)

Dr. H. C. Torrey

Radiation Laboratories
Cambridge, Mass.


General Electric Company


(24 lbs.)

Dr. Harper Q. North

Research Lab., Schenectady, N.Y.
Dr. C. F. Baldwin
Campbell Avenue Plant, Schenectady, N.Y.

Sylvania Electric Products Company


(130 lbs.)

Mr. C. E. Johnson (buyer)
Research Laboratories

12 Sylvan St., Danvers, Mass.
60 Boston St., Salem, Mass.
234 Bridge St., Salem, Mass.

Bell Telephone Laboratories


(8 lbs.)

Dr. E. E. Schumacher

Murray Hill, New Jersey

Admiralty, England


(25 lbs.)

Ordered by Navy Dept.

Bureau of Supplies and Accounts

Commonwealth of Australia


(10 lbs.)

Mr. T. H. Skelton War Supplies Procurement

1700 Massachusetts Avenue, N. W.
Washington, D. C.

British Thompson Houston


(60 lbs.)

Sent to E. C. Kelley - B.A.C.

Shipping Div. - 17th Floor
37 Wall Street, New York, N.Y.


(Suggest contacting main research laboratories)

National Museum of American History
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